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Relieve pain fast, effectively, and painlessly with Cold Laser Therapy  
How Elign Health Centre Uses Laser Therapy To Reduce Pain

Elign Health Centre’s evidence based approach to laser treatment to help manage chronic pain
is based on the proven effectiveness of low level laser light in providing pain relief to our clients.

Cold laser therapy works by stimulating damaged cells to encourage tissue repair through rapid
regeneration. Light energy is considered a noninvasive procedure that helps your body’s
tissues heal.

Whether you have experienced sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome or another source of
chronic pain, our medical professionals will be able to work with you to determine whether cold
laser therapy is the right approach to pain relief for you.

We warmly welcome new patients to our office and do our best to schedule emergency appointments within 24 hours of your call.

What is cold laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy goes by many different names including laser therapy, laser treatment, low-level laser therapy, soft laser biostimulation and many others.

‘Cold’ is used to describe the kind of laser therapy we’re talking about because the levels of energy the laser uses are not strong enough to heat your body’s tissues.

‘Low’ is used to describe the level of light when compared to the forms of laser therapy that surgeons often use
to remove tumours and stop bleeding during surgical procedures.

In short, cold and low simply highlight that they help treat the body, without causing damage to cells, or requiring recovery time.

How does cold laser therapy work?

The medical professionals at Elign Health Centre that provide laser therapy services, apply low-level light at different wavelengths directly to the identified targeted area of a patient’s body.

As the body absorbs the red and near-infrared light, it creates a response within the damaged tissue (which is the cause of the pain) and encourages the damaged cells to regenerate, promoting healing and pain relief.

Different wavelengths are called for based on whether the tissue being treated is ‘superficial’ or deeper tissue, to cause the necessary reaction to deliver pain relief.
The best part is because the treatment uses ‘cold’ and ‘low level’ lasers, while you will feel the device as it touches your skin, as you would anything else that rubs your skin, the laser therapy itself is painless and noninvasive.

This fascinating procedure also doesn’t generate vibration, sound or heat, and often only takes a few weeks to start to get the desired results for pain that may have been bothering you for years.

What are the benefits of laser therapy?

There are many positive benefits of laser therapy for chronic pain relief. It is a safe, effective treatment with few side effects, that encourages the body to heal itself without requiring the use of surgery or drugs to treat the injury.

Considerable review and meta-analysis of research studies conducted by a wide range of professionals have demonstrated the positive healing effects of light energy and especially cold laser treatments.

There is a strong correlation between the tissue repair that occurs during healing and pain relief caused by soft tissue injuries, and cold laser treatments, simply encouraging that healing process to happen more rapidly within the body.


Effective method of pain relief


No drugs or surgery necessary


Re-growth of cells speeds up natural healing process

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How is Cold Laser Therapy Treatment Done?

At Elign Health Centre our trained medical professionals begin by understanding the symptoms
or condition you’re experiencing that has brought you to seek laser therapy.

Based on your personal circumstances, we’ll develop a plan that considers how best to apply
effective laser treatments to promote healing and to relieve the pain that brought you to see us.

Our focus is ensuring we’re able to help relieve pain and promote your body’s ability to heal the injury that is causing it. Working with you over a series of short sessions, laser therapy is a safe and effective approach.

Get in touch with Elign Health Centre now to book your laser therapy appointment.

Is laser treatment right for me?

Cold laser therapy is a safe alternative to invasive treatments to relieve pain associated with common conditions including knee pain, lower back pain, and neck pain.

Laser treatments are also useful for reducing pain caused by ligament sprains, muscle strains, tennis elbow, tendonitis and other conditions.
Many people with sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia also, find cold laser therapy to relieve chronic pain associated with those conditions.

Laser therapy is often covered by most extended health insurance plans.

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