Study: Strength Training Lowers Risk Of Mortality

As we age it’s important we stay fit and ensure that our bodies are staying strong.

Researchers at Penn State College of Medicine, Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Columbia University concluded in their study that adults who meet their weekly exercise guidelines had a lower chance of dying.

Equally important, this study is the first to demonstrate the association between mortality rates and exercise in such a representative manner. In particular, this study focused on an older population.

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Many studies over time have helped show that older adults who exercise regularly have a better lifestyle and lower mortality rate. Other health benefits include early death prevention and improved cardiovascular health.

However, studies surrounding the benefits of strength training have been limited. Strength training has been found to improve muscle mass and physical function. This leads to seeing older adults having improvements in chronic conditions.

Strength Training

Older adults who took part in who strength trained at least twice a week had 46 per cent lower odds of death. Furthermore, they also had 41 per cent lower odds of cardiac death and 19 per cent lower odds of dying from cancer.

This study has been able to highlight the importance of strength training and how it can help older adults live longer.

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