Study Highlights Effectiveness Of Orthotics & Chiropractic Treatment

If you’ve ever suffered from low back pain or are currently experiencing it, you should know that there are options to get you healthy again.

A study undertaken by National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) has shown the positive effects of shoe orthotics for back pain. Not to mention, it also shows how using them alongside chiropractic care can be of use for you.

The study was designed to have participants put into three groups for a six-week randomized controlled trial. One group received no treatment and the second group received custom-made shoe orthotics. The third group received custom-made shoe orthotics plus chiropractic care that included adjustments, hot or cold packs, and manual soft tissue massage.

The results came back and showed that only the groups who received orthotics had seen significant improvements in both function and pain. Chiropractors often recommend them for anyone who may be experiencing pain in the hips, knees, ankles, and/or feet.

Our feet are the things that carry us through our day. We stand, walk, and run on them. If our feet don’t function at optimal efficiency, the rest of our body suffers.

Visit Elign Health Centre today and see if custom orthotics can help get you back to your normal life.

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