How Standing Desks May Actually Be Causing You More Back Pain

Standing desks have become popular in many workplaces and home offices, but is it actually good for your health?

According to a study from the University of Waterloo, nearly half of people who use a standing desk are at risk of developing lower back pain.

The study consisted of 40 adults, evenly split between male and female. Moreover, all participants did not have any prior back issues. 40% of participants started experiencing back pain after standing for two hours.

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Daniel Viggiani, lead author of the study says that people have different levels of standing tolerance. He says the important thing to remember always regardless if you’re sitting or standing is to always move around, shifting your posture every so often.

Viggiani mentions that people with less standing tolerance also uses their muscles differently and will often have a curve in their back.

Many other studies have gone on to illustrate the long-term health implications of prolonged standing and how it will affect people later in their lives.

Regular exercise and routine stretching can go a long way to negate the effects of prolonged sitting or standing. It’s as easy as going for a walk during your break or stretching in your office.

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