What are Shin Splints & How Can You Deal With Them

Dozens of athletes and everyday individuals have dealt with shin splints at one point or another.

Shin splints are defined as “pain along the inner edge of the shinbone that can cause your shins a great deal of pain”.

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The pain felt can be attributed to the overloading of the lower leg due to biomechanical irregularities resulting in an increase in stress exerted on the tibia. A sudden increase in intensity or frequency in activity level fatigues muscles too quickly to properly help absorb shock, forcing the tibia to absorb most of that shock.

Dealing With Shin Splints

Treatment is very simple and should not be hard for you to undertake. Typical treatments include rest, ice, strengthening and gradually returning to activity.

Rest and ice work to allow the tibia to recover from sudden, high levels of stress and reduce inflammation and pain levels. You need to remember that it’s important to reduce inflammation and pain first before moving forward with any rehabilitation.

In the following weeks you can slowly ramp up your activity levels and work your way to increased exercise.

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