New Study Suggests Rocker Bottom Shoes Help With Chronic Low Back Pain

A new study suggests that rocker bottom shoes help reduce chronic low back pain, by strengthening back muscles and improving the spine’s curvature.

The study was done by researchers of the Sports Physiotherapy master’s degree at Valencia’s CEU Cardenal Herrera university. They found that unstable shoes improve the strength of back muscles.

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Strong back muscles are crucial in order to maintain balance and stability when walking. Furthermore, researchers noted that this strengthening reduces low-intensity chronic low back pain, which can be very painful for some people.

It’s typically seen that patients who suffer from chronic low back pain are advised to go through some daily exercise routine.

However, this study shows that wearing unstable shoes for a couple hours during your regular daily routine can help without doing any exercise.

There were forty patients with low-intensity chronic low back pain that took part in the university’s study. Half of them wore rocker bottom shoes with curved soles for four weeks. The other half used their normal shoes.

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