7 Steps To Take To Make Sure Your Child Uses Their Backpack Properly

Summer is slowing coming to an end and the school year will be back in full swing before you know it.

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Getting lunches ready and packing backpacks will happen daily and it’s important to keep our children’s health in mindCarrying an overweight bag all day can harm children and there’s easy steps you can take to make sure they’re comfortable

7 Backpack Tips To Keep In Mind For Children

1. Keep it light

Only pack what your child will absolutely need and leave out anything that’ll just take up extra space


2. Load the backpack evenly

Make sure everything is levelled and distributed properly. You don’t want more pressure on one shoulder over the other. Also, make sure you pack the heaviest items close to the centre of the back.


3. Keep the straps tight

You don’t want the straps to be loose and have your child slouched. The bottom of the backpack should be pressing against the lower back.


4. Have proper padding

Make sure you buy a backpack that has well-padded shoulder straps.


5. Get the right size

Make sure your child tries on the backpack before you buy it to see if it’s the right size for them.


6. Lift with your legs

Show your child how to lift up the backpack properly on to themselves with their legs.


7. Have two shoulder straps

Get a backpack that has two shoulder straps to distribute the weight evenly on both shoulders.

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