Become more flexible, strengthen muscles, improve mobility, relieve pain, and build a healthier body to get more out of life!

Our Kinesiologist Provide Evidence Based Effective Kinesiology Treatments to our Patients.​

Whether it’s work, sports, or simply being physically active, our muscles are used relentlessly and eventually they tire and weaken. Sometimes an unexpected injury such as a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury results in physical trauma and pain.

Kinesiology revolves around rehabilitating and strengthening the muscles that move us on a daily basis.

If you are recovering from an injury or just trying to relieve muscle soreness, our active rehab program can improve flexibility and increase muscle strength to help keep your body healthy.

We warmly welcome new patients to our office and do our best to schedule emergency appointments within 24 hours of your call.

What Sets Elign Health Centre apart as a provider for your North Burnaby Kinesiology?

The practice of kinesiology is based upon understanding how the body, diagnosing the problem, and then using an effective treatment method. Our process begins with an initial assessment, understanding your long term health and fitness goals and accessing your range of motion. We’ll work to identify the correct treatment plan for you. We combine active rehab sessions, exercise programs and will help determine if there are soft tissue causes of pain that could be addressed by a registered massage therapist and massage therapy services.

Active rehabilitation programs are designed to achieve results that are unique to your needs and particular situation. You’ll work with an experienced, professional kinesiologist who has a kinesiology degree from a British Columbia recognized University and the necessary skills to help you.

Kinesiology treatment , Physiotherapy, Sport Injury rehabilitation of athlete female patient.

Improves cardiorespiratory function

Physiotherapist in blue gown with a patient stretching with rubber bands upside down. Physiotherapy with protective measures for the Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19. Osteopathy, sports chiromassage

Improves flexibility/range of motion

Young female patient wearing kinesio tape on her back and neck exercising with a professional physical therapist. Kinesiology, physical therapy, rehabilitation concept.

Increases muscle strength

Why Should Someone Consider Reaching out to Elign Health Centre and our Kinesiology Program?

Elign Health Centre is well positioned to assess your needs and determine whether kinesiology is the best approach to resolve the concerns you have. Because our team is made up of skilled professionals including registered massage therapists, chiropractors, laser therapy technicians and kinesiologists, we can clearly assess your needs and offer the best approach for you.

We understand that when our bodies aren’t working the way we expect, it’s urgent and you deserve to be seen as quickly as possible by a professional who can help. We commit to seeing patients as early as fits each of our schedules, so you’re hours or days away from help once you reach out.

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I’ve been seeing Dr. Gohar Sheikh for the last 12 years and absolutely love his work. Every time I am adjusted I feel the results immediately and it lasts. I really believe that seeing Dr. Sheikh is the best approach to absolute health. As a Personal Trainer, I’ve referred several people and every single person has consistently received the health results that they wanted. He is wonderfully skilled, passionate about helping others and has the most intuitive sense to offer people the highest level of healing. I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

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