10 Ways Chiropractic Benefits Sports Performance

No matter what your sport, or how serious you are about performance, chiropractic care offers you a range of performance enhancing interventions that might give you a slightly unfair advantage over less savvy athletes, but are still perfectly in line with the rules of fair play.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes

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1. Beat stiffness and soreness

When you’re stiff and sore, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve worked to the max and are building a stronger body. But recovery time puts you out of training. Shorten recovery time and get back to work faster with the help of your experienced Burnaby chiropractor.

2. Nippier performance on track and field

Your speed and mobility depend largely on the flexibility of your body. Improve your suppleness and speed with chiropractic treatment. It really works. A 2012 study found that athletes under chiropractic care reported improved athletic ability.

3. Prevent injuries

When your body is poorly aligned, your chance of incurring injuries increases dramatically. Stay in action and beat the odds with chiropractic manipulation techniques that realign your body optimally.

4. When the going gets rough

Even the toughest athletes occasionally have sports accidents and injuries, and contact sports like football and hockey are particularly likely to result in injuries at one time or another. Limit painkiller use and get back into your game faster with the help of your chiropractor. Even contact injuries such as bruises can pull you out of alignment as muscles spasm or tense in reaction.

5. Sports hernia healing

Pain in the groin affects up to one in five people suffering from a sporting injury. This symptom indicates a sports hernia, and pain relief and a fast recovery are clearly priorities.  By combining specially designed exercises with chiropractic treatment, you should recover in 8 weeks on average.

6. Increase physical strength

Weird though this may seem, science has proved that chiropractic treatment improves strength in unexpected ways. Martial arts practitioners who had three sessions of chiropractic treatment showed improved grip strength.

7. Improve your range of movement

Sometimes, being able to use your full range of movement to the max makes the difference between winning and losing. Even if you train intensively, you may not be exploring your full physical capacity, and you could even be limiting your range of movement. Solve the problem through chiropractic techniques.

8. Relieve joint pain

Chiropractors don’t only work with backs. Tennis or golfers elbow and other joint inflammations affect a great many athletes, and your chiropractor will help to relieve pain and inflammation while speeding your recovery.

9. From standing to running injury free

In some sports rapid action without time for a proper warm-up is a must. For example, baseball or cricket players may suddenly be called on to run after a prolonged time standing still. These very sudden exertions often cause strains, but research has shown that they’re less likely to happen to athletes who see a chiropractor.

10. Reduction of unrelated symptoms that affect performance

Sometimes, your seemingly unrelated aches and pains are really related to your sport, and even when they aren’t they will limit performance. For example, if you frequently suffer from headaches, your neck may be out of alignment. Will you perform at your best with a headache? Probably not.

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